Hello, Internet!

I just finished college. It took me ten years to do it, but it’s done. I have this fancy calligraphy riddled piece of paper that says that I know something. I had a residency at a great church. I was doing something I truly felt called to with people who lovingly showed me how to love Jesus well with my skills. In the last six months I’ve had my heart broken a lot. I’ve been frustrated with God, His plan and His community quite frequently. I’m tired of holding onto all of it.

So, I’m in a season of healing, love, reading, growing, changing and writing. So, this is my journey to healthy, happy, and content with where I am. What happens when you’re in between dreams?

Right now, I’m lacing up my walking shoes to embark on the first of my “in the mean time” missions.

1. Train for a 5K: Again, I’m way ahead of you, “Laura, you have Cerebral Palsy!” You just wait. It’s going to be awesome!

2. Read Everything I Possibly Can: Instruction manuals, fiction books, books for spiritual growth. Everything.

3. Never Settle for a Job I Don’t Want.: My family has been great about this. As long as I am working part time and can meet my loan payments, my family is letting me take a season to write! How cool is that?

4. Travel: I’m going to go to as many concerts, events, and new cities as possible. New people teach you new things,right?

So, now you know, internet! Every week we will get to take this journey together. I’m excited. Please feel free to ask questions, request blog topics or reach out in any way you choose!

Love Love Love,


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