Listen to This!: Whosah

I’m going to say something that no twenty-seven year old wannabe theologian would ever say if they were worth their thick framed glasses and skinny jeans. Ready?


Now, before you get it twisted. (I’m not actually sure what “it” is, but, I know it’s not much a fan of The Twist. Perhaps, The Mashed Potato…I digress.) I thoroughly enjoy a good alone in my car, office, bathroom sing and dance along to T-Swift just about as much as anyone does. Pop music is delicious. But, there are only a handful of pop bands that I would tell you to spend money on, go see, try to hang out with, etc. Because, I think the world needs to have more fun. I think someone needs to open the curtains and the dance parties happen. I think that we need faster tempos with genuine messages.

In the last few months, I have befriended a group of gentlemen that make such music. The most delectable of kinds. They are in a band called Whosah. I get to call them my friends, because, I like people, they like people, we do similar, nomadic, Jesus-lovin’ things, except they do it with a synthesizer and music that gets you featured on MTV shows. (We met on Twitter. They stalked me first. I can prove it. It’s a good story.)

Minneapolis, MN was and is the breeding ground for the kind of melodies that make you believe again. Whosah personifies Lemonade and Sunny Day feelings like nothing else I know. With lyrics that hit your dark parts in theirs, these men are catalysts for hope and positivity in a world that keeps the lights off.

I know that this isn’t much of a review musically so much as it’s a “Go get on Google, Spotify, iTunes and fall in summer love” kind of advertisement but, I’m a believer in the joy makers of the world. I want to support them.

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