The Gospel of Telephone Hour

I get paid to talk to people. That’s really what my job is. Talk to people, place their orders for paints or brushes or pens or clay or canvas or whatever makes their world more colorful. I assist in the creative process in the most basic way. I talk to people about what they need to make beauty happen.

Conversation is one of the most basic human realities that we miss out on every single day in the land of text messages, social media and the like. I like words. Lots of them. All of them. I love knowing how people feel about me and letting them know how I feel about them. Syllables and sounds that mean things makes the world go round. Simple.

Sometimes, my job is a scary place. I answer the phone, get yelled at, apologize and get yelled at again. Other times, my job is supremely fun. I answer the phone and get someone a little wacky and full of vibrant ideas. Those people are my favourite. They keep me on my toes. They ask me questions because they care about the answer and most of the time, we laugh.

God created the world with words. He spoke life into being. How cool is that!? That means that words have immense power that we never embrace! So, pick up the phone! Ask your best friend, mother, brother, crush, friendstranger how they are. This is one of the biggest gifts that you can give them because it’s embracing a power that God gave you to show His glory! Cool, huh?

So say “No” to texting and “Yes” a chit chat. It will be good for you and them and The Kingdom!

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