The guys that say “Wow”.

Two of my dearest friends married each other this weekend. Their wedding was the highlight of my summer, I think. Not only did I get to witness love in it’s truest, sweetest form but I was allowed to do so with literally everyone that I hold dear outside of my family. Some of my best friends from Arizona, England, Wisconsin and beyond were all in the same room with me. My heart was full.

Since most of them have seen me last, I’ve lost 33.2 pounds. It’s not a HUGE change but, it’s big enough that I’m confident in smaller sizes, I feel good about myself and that the change is definitely visible. Because of this, for this wedding, I pulled out the big guns. I had a size 16 bright blue dress hidden in my closet for such occasion as it’d fit. I put it on, and it did. Like a glove. Upon walking into the church, the bride’s brother looked at me smiled and said “Wow”. I walked past some of my favourite guys and they said “Wow”, some of which while holding the hands of their wives and girlfriends. Here is why that matters.

The guys that say “Wow” when they think I look good are the ones I like to spend most of my time around. These are also the same guys that have broken into my car when it’s freezing outside, purchased innumerable coffees and dinners for me and made 4 hour drives just because I missed them. These are my guys. These are men that I’ve never had to explain my heart to, because, they’ve gotten to know it. They are my soul mates.

Remember when I told you that some of them are married or in relationships? Well, even then they treat me like (one of) the prettiest girl(s) in the room. They still love me without question or hesitation or anything being in it for them. Just because.

My friend Caleb has the most beautiful wife. (She really is. It’s kind of ridiculous how gorgeous she is.) Still all night long, Caleb would occasionally come, wrap his arm around me, say something immeasurably nice and specifically himself and go hold his wife’s hand. It took me years to even get Caleb to willingly smile at me, the fact that he hugs me is his way of deeply respecting and acknowledging me. I wouldn’t change his silly questions and moments of brotherly affection for anything in the world.

Hanging out with the guys that say “Wow” is important for single women to do because it sets the bar high. I only spend time around men who treat me well. That way I won’t settle for anything less than a man that does the same.

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