Things I’ve Learned about Singleness from Wedding Planning.

I am a grown, educated, healthy single woman. I am head over heels in love with the life that I live and the ministry that God lets me do. I have a community that spans the country and globe of people that are soulmates and partners in ministry for me. Naturally, all of these sweet friends understand me at a level that allows them to know something about me that I rarely say out loud. I want to fall in love. I am a completely hopeless romantic.

The sappy kind. The romantic gestures, hand holding, mixed tapes, unmistakable kind. I am a firm believer in the fairy tale ending, even though I hide it well underneath a busy schedule and load of self-sufficientsy and social engagements. The only thing my heart really wants to be doing on a Friday night is watching Netflix and eating pizza with a man that thinks that I am irreplaceable in every way possible. Instead, I’m either in dress shoes playing impressive and powerful, at my desk at work or ordering the pizza and watching Netflix by myself.

Recently, my beautiful younger sister got engaged. She is my favourite human ever. Everything Ellen does is beautiful, smart and brave. She’s fiercely independent and loves intensely. She’s amazing. Her fiancé compliments all of her perfectly. He is kind, fun loving and incredibly intelligent. He loves and challenges her in a way that is completely gross and wonderful simultaneously. I could not be happier that my sister found her best friend and the love of her life in the man that she did. And. He laughs at my jokes! He can totally stay.

If there’s anything that the talking about details and pouring over pages of wedding magazines with her has taught me, it’s that she does not care about that day at all. She cares about what it means. She could get married in sweatpants, make up free in a courthouse with two strangers around if it meant that she’d get to be Jake’s Mrs. But, their day will be beautiful and be a celebration of the two them that will no doubt be a major party!

I get invited and go to a lot of weddings. Like, a lot of them. What you just read was “Laura RSVPs to every wedding she’s invited to!” and what I meant was I went to Bible College. Most people I know are getting married. I’ve been to 10 weddings in the last six months. The does not count the four I had to turn down because I either was out of town or had double booked myself at another wedding. So, my sister says things like “You know lots about this stuff.” It’s because I do.

Am I planning my own wedding? No. Do I know that Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” will be banned at my reception should Mr. Wonderful show up? Absolutely. I am coming in handy for her, because I have photographer connections, ideas, and have seen more wedding styles than Pinterest. With me by her side, we will plan this thing to be freaking beautiful.

Beyond all of the planning, research and swooning over pretty things, I am learning about the simple ways that love is expressed and appreciated when it’s Jesus’s idea. I am beyond hopeful that someday (soon, but, maybe not) I will be able to have these same conversations with my sister from the other side. In the meantime, I’m going to lean into Jesus wait for him to do His thing.

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