My Current Top Ten Favourite Things

On a typical Saturday night, I’m snuggled up to a cubicle, a lukewarm cup of break room tea and conversations with strangers. Tonight, I am free to crank some Josh Clutter in a messy kitchen, steep some Sleepy Time, and rock my torn boyfriend jeans. It is a rare night of self care, a Netflix marathon and some writing. These are the nights that I crave. I’m hoping that blogs like this one will be some that you all look forward to!

During a recent hide-away in the back of a coffee shop, a sweet friend with a genuine smile looked up from her tea and said “I’m obsessed with you.” I chuckled, finding it completely perplexing that someone would actually verbalize such things. She fought me, “I’m serious! Since you’ve been losing weight, your style has gotten so fantastic! I want to love everything you love!” She then demanded that I give her a top ten of the things that I love. “Besides Jesus! I know you love Jesus! You’re good at that!” So, my dear one, this blog is for you. The Laura’s Life Current Top Ten.

1. Pattern Mixing. I know that this isn’t an actual object, okay? But really. As long as a color palette is cohesive, I am completely okay with florals with plaids and stripes with polka dots. It’s one of my staples of outfit compiling lately. Rock what you want to wear. Rock what makes you feel hot. Forget what anyone else thinks.

2. “Yes Please” by Amy Poehler. I’m going to honest with y’all…I’ve purchased two copies of this book. I originally got myself a Kindle copy because, my Kindle rarely leaves my purse, if it’s not in my hand. But, alas, Contact Center life has exiled me to an e-readerless existence so, I bought a paper copy as well. She’s freaking brilliant and brave and everything a woman wants to be. Seriously, I am loving getting to learn from her!

3. Car Tunes. (Maybe cartoons, too? The world may never know!) I freaking love music. My soul is basically a jukebox and I love love love new tunes, old tunes, bad tunes, good tunes, all of it. A few of my summertime rock outs have been:

“Wildflowers” by Tom Petty. Originally released in 1994, still freaking brilliant right now.

“Drive Slow” by Whosah. I have bragged on these guys on this very blog before, and I do sincerely love them and their music. It is life giving in all of the silly ways and they put up with me well, I should make them cookies or something! Anyway, this is one of their older singles but it’s sappy and butterfly filled and I dig it. They make really good, dancey jams. Ch-ch-check it.

“I’ve Gotta Right To Sing The Blues” by Billie Holiday. It is a season for Billie. She gets me.

4. Advocare Spark Fiber Energy Drinks. For those of you that don’t know, I’ve been doing the Advocare Challenge on top of my Cerebral Palsy to 5K self-designed plan to lose weight for my baby sister’s wedding. Thus far, I’ve lost almost 35 pounds and it’s been awesome. The Spark drinks are delicious. (The green apple ones are my FAVOURITE!) They help with my caffeine withdrawls and they make my life happier. My results even 7 days in have been really awesome.

5. Revlon Colorburst Lip Stain in “Honey”. Listen, I have a severe lipstick problem. I love lipstick way too much. Even as a little girl, I would raid my mother’s make up to try every shade she owned. I still do that. I have more of my own than I know what to do with, most days. In the last year, I’ve repurchased this one like 4 times. It’s killer. I like it a whole bunch.

6. “Pretty Little Liars”. It sucked me in. I don’t know how it happened, but I want to know who “A” is SO badly.

7. Walk In Love. Awesomely designed t-shirts with really positive messages. Their ministry is so cool. (

8. “Christ Be All Around Me” by All Sons & Daughters. For obvious reasons, I had to add my current favourite worship song to this list. St. Patrick’s prayer is something that holds such beauty in my heart and life. For those words to be written musically so well is awesome. This song is just…yes.

9. Candy by Prada. I like to smell good. This is currently assisting me with that. So much good.

10. Inkjoy Pens. I have a rainbow of colors at my desk at work. They’re beautiful. I have them in my purse. When you write as often as this nerd does, your weapon of choice matters so so much!

All in all, few things make me happier than my community and the love that is given to me so well. Sharing the details of my obsessions has just shown me that I have a community that blesses me well enough to find joy in the small. They call me to Jesus every day and for that I am so thankful.

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