The 30 before 30

I’m twenty-eight. That doesn’t seem old to some, but, for someone who wasn’t expected to see her first birthday, twenty-eight feels like eighty. Sometimes, I even act that way. I go to bed way too early, I get grouchy about “kids these days”….(seriously, can we talk about the fact that I can spot a SnapChat selfie at a mile? That means I’ve seen too many of them.) I feel much older than I actually am a good most of the time. So, I’m taking my twenties back for myself!

I’ve compiled a list of things I’m still “young and dumb” enough to do, that will actually make me a cooler thirty-something with some life experience. So, I have 20ish months to do these things, and I’m going to!


  1. Rock Pastel Hair for a Season. Has anyone else seen Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and wanted to be Clementine!? How about Scott Pilgrim vs. The World? Unconventional hair color takes an empowered, self-confident woman to rock it like it comes out of her head that way. Right!? So, the other day, I went to see my sweet friend Jen, who does my hair. She dyed it “Rose Blonde”. It’s a peachy pink light blonde color and I’m going to learn to wear it well. I actually REALLY love it!


  1. Plan for my Future. That’s right, y’all. I’ve got a 401K. That’s so scary sounding. But, I do. I’ve got actual money in my savings and I’m making an appointment to look into investing. Oh! and I tithe now. Crazy right? Getting myself financially stable will help me for years to come AND it will help my Kingdom impact grow.


  1. Get my passport and use it. I have friends all over the globe! Why would I ever spend a weekend at home!?


  1. Start a workout regimen. Now, I’m not out to get super skinny or bulk up, but taking care of myself is something I have to start doing.


  1. Give up soda. For good. Forever. Seriously.


  1. Get a tattoo. I have a few planned, I just need to stop being such a chicken and do something that will make me feel like me.


  1. Go crazy at a concert. Lately, I’ve gotten into the groove of seeing shows as “work”. I work for and with a lot of musicians in a lot of different capacities. I forget to let my hair down, sometimes. Even when the band playing are my friends!


  1. Get a job that I want and love. I am thankful for the job that I have. Please don’t get me wrong, but, it doesn’t exactly feel like my purpose.


  1. Find my personal style. About a month ago, I threw away half of my wardrobe. My goal is to only own clothes that I love to wear.


  1. Move away. I want to experience somewhere else more than I want a lot of things. There are so many people to know and love in the world, you know?


  1. Finally freaking publish my poetry. I had the opportunity to do this a few years ago with the Inanimate Object Love Poem series. I kick myself every day that I didn’t do that.


  1. Learn a language. I’m not sure which yet, but, I’ll find one.


  1. Watch Dr. Who. I have so many people who give me a hard time about this. Fine, fine, fine, I’ll watch it!


  1. Spend Time with Soul Friends. I have about four people that I consider “soul friends”. They live all over the place and I never see them. I want to see them all.


  1. Find my signature drink. There’s nothing like being able to walk into coffee shop and hear a friend say “this is what Laura wants, this is what Laura always gets.”


  1. Write a love letter. It doesn’t have to be a mushy gushy profession. Just a hand written sentiment.


  1. Learn to change my own oil. When I asked to do this when I was sixteen, my dad said “You’ve always got me or a mechanic.” And I don’t care how messy I’m getting I’m going to do it.


  1. Get organized. I want to create spaces in my life that are entirely mine. In order to do that I have to rid myself of a lot of crap.


  1. Read the entire bible. I did this in college. But, I don’t want it to be homework.


  1. Run a 5K. I have Cerebral Palsy. I’m plus sized. I have a lot of things tell me I can’t. Wouldn’t it be totally great if I did!?


  1. Handwrite my journal, again. Blogging is great. But, some thoughts need air.


  1. Start a Photography Business for real.


  1. Go on a roadtrip alone. Anyone else seen Elizabethtown!? If you haven’t, stop everything, Netflix it, and then we’ll discuss.


  1. Be likeable. Not the fake kind. I just want to be someone that when people meet them they remember.


  1. Be the best Maid of Honor Ever. My sister’s getting married. This has to be on the list.


  1. Don’t be afraid. I’m scared of a lot of things. I should stop that.


  1. Forgive them. People have done some things that hurt me pretty badly. It’s time to let it go.


  1. Fall in love. With a book, music, a place, a person. Who knows!


  1. Smile. All day, every day. Because joy is contagious.


  1. Like Myself.Because, it’s time.

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