Made-Up Ministry: Loving Your Selfie and the Gospel

I am asked often how “Made-Up Ministry” started for me. How it happened that I now get to write about self-image, travel around to speak at churches and look REALLY hot while I do it. Honestly, I remember the exact moment that this thing became a mission for me. A man that I respect a ton in ministry, that’s friendship means more to my heart than he will ever know posted the following Facebook status:
“Guys, remember to marry a woman who doesn’t take selfies.”
I wasn’t totally shocked that this was how he felt. Honestly, I’m not shocked that almost everyone I’ve ever known has a strong opinion one way or the other about women who take selfies. So, I decided to take action and do something about it. Made-Up Ministry became my life’s work.
Very rarely in scripture does it say anything about what we should wear aside from keeping things modest and rocking The Armor of God. It definitely doesn’t say anything about a bold red lip and some winged liner, but the Church seems to think this is a thing. The Christian women should radiate their inner beauty alone and live the lip stains to the “unchurched” crowd.
I’ve written a few times about speaking engagements to which I work red lipstick and was instantly put in a box. (One of these particular encounters, after I spoke a woman said “Well I didn’t think you were an important guest!” after shaming me before the service and telling me about lip colors that were allowed in the house of the Lord.) This happens every single Sunday at churches worldwide. But, since I’m not supremely missional in that particular way, we’ll stick to America. I’ve spoken in churches all over Central Illinois, I’ve even been turned down for speaking jobs because I was unmarried and believed that a woman should have the right to do ministry without an MRS. Degree.
It is hard for women of any size, any shape and any age to feel beautiful ever. (Seriously, I had a conversation with a Pre-K student a few weeks ago in which she said that girls were “only pretty in dresses”! This little one isn’t even five yet! WHAT IS THIS MADNESS!?) So, I think that part of understanding that God made them beautiful is getting to look in the mirror, or the front facing camera and thinking “Dang girl, work it!” It’s the same for men! Honestly.
If you feel beautiful or handsome or great in any kind of way that is seeing yourself the way that God sees you. So, I want to promote that. I live to promote seeing Jesus in your own reflection and I don’t think that’s even the slightest bit bad.

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