Music Monday (with Playlist!)

When I was in college, our tiny campus had Music Mondays in the cafeteria. The premise was that someone would let us overtake the sound system and have themed nights of dinner tunes. We hosted everything from Disney Nights to Throwback evenings (which involved 90’s and Early 2000’s tunes that sounded like childhood for most and junior high and high school for me because, well, I’m old.) It was something that our entire campus of about four hundred people REALLY got excited about!

It’s silly, really, how excited I’ve always gotten about music. Giving up songwriting and regularly playing music happened for me back in 2010 for Jesus reasons. But, I soon after felt lead to work with and for musicians. This passion enabled me to start a small company, write blogs, rock some photography work and do social media stuff for almost every musician I know. I much prefer to be the lady in the background these days. I like to be the rock stars’ support team. Spotlights freak me out.

There is still an intense need in me to provide people that I love (this means YOU!) with really great music. So, here I am, tipping my hat to nostalgia and love for a cornfield surrounded campus. These are the songs that I’m digging this week!

“Stateside” by The Decemberists: The first concert I went to without my parents was to see The Decemberists play on a college campus in my hometown. I was fifteen, smoked Clove cigarettes to “fit in” and was a hot mess. But, their music has always spoken to me deeply and well. This song is no different. It’s warm and cozy and lonely and beautiful all at once.

“Help Me Out” by The Rocket Summer: Oh my heart, Bryce Avary! Anyone who’s ever met me knows that I am a DIE HARD fan of The Rocket Summer. Every single album he’s ever put our delights my soul. This is his newest single and it’s so lovely and wonderful. It sounds like sunshine and hopeful things. I cannot wait for his new album to be released!

“Anywhere But Here” by Drew Holcomb: My baby sister is getting married in September. I’ve been trying as hard as I can to infuse her big day’s soundtrack with beautiful, well written love songs that celebrate off-the-beaten path kinds of great. I love the lyrics of this song so much! It’s probably because I’m hopelessly romantic and have a really severe case of perpetual wanderlust.

“YOUTH” by Troye Sivan: I’m heartsick for summer as it snows in the Midwest this week. This song makes me feel like I’ve got my shades on and windows down even as I’m bundled up with hot coffee and the fire on. It’s such a cool, dancey tune! Well done, Mr. Sivan. Well done, indeed.

“Mr. Rodriguez” by Rayland Baxter: The tone of this guy’s voice gives me solid Paul Simon vibes. So fun and well written. AMAZING! Yeah, just heart happy making. Hurray!

“Catch My Breath” by Kiernan McMullan: I’ve written about this guy before. I saw him play twice to packed bars full of people sitting in silence listening to him play. He’s the real deal. Crazy crazy crazy skills and he’s just super nice and really humble. I’m grateful for the opportunity to support musicians like him. Check him out!

“What You Don’t Do” by Lianne La Havas: FINALLY a love song for the empowered, strong lady! Some of us don’t need flowers and grand gestures. We just need you to not be a jerk. This song celebrates that. I love her voice and her doo wop-y feel. It’s just really good for my tired soul lately.

“Ghost Town” by Whosah: I seriously still can’t get over this this song. The lyrics are amazing (Well done. Seriously, y’all. High five!) My heart lately has been so tired of living in my hometown. Not to say that tiny town Illinois isn’t a jam, but, I’m restless. The lyrics of this song really speak to that part of me. Also, it’s just REALLY musically well done. These guys are some of the most down-to-Earth crazy talented, life giving human beings I’ve ever met. Go support them! They are seriously worth every bit of your money and time because there is no ego there and they’re crazy crazy gifted and kind. I’m BIG one supporting the kind ones and these guys get a permanent state of fangirl from me because they are the warmest hearted people. Their new EP comes out March 11th!

“Overdrawn” by White Sea: In case you haven’t noticed a pattern with this playlist yet, I need dancey tunes this week. Not just any dancey songs. The pajamas jams. The hairbrush anthems. I’ve been cooped up all week recovering from a surgery and this song makes me feel human and silly again so, it’s a winner!

“Someone New” by Hozier: I recently went on a date with a guy that told me I shouldn’t listen to Hozier because he’s “anti-Church and against Jesus.” (If I could make this up, I would. I can’t. Needless to say, his call for a second date wasn’t returned.) The power of music and media and message in general is that we get to express our feelings about the wrongs in the world. Hozier’s song “Take Me To Church” is an anthem the points out the flaws of the Church at large and that’s okay. It’s still well written and well performed and that’s the best way to get messages across. With melodies that get stuck in the heads of people. Now, this song is a happy jam about falling in love with people over and over again. I can’t tell you how often that’s me. Often. I swoon hard and perpetually. So, A+, thumbs up for delightful.

“Wasn’t Expecting That” by Jamie Lawson: This is another one I came across in the quest for un-conventional love songs for baby sister’s big day. It’s beautiful and made me cry the first time I heard it. Well written storytelling win for you, Jamie Lawson!

I put all of these on a Spotify playlist that you can find here:

and at if that’s not working!

Enjoy it! I’ll bring you some more next week! Remember that you are loved and cared for! xx.

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