Music Monday (with Playlist!)

Mondays come too soon, don’t they? Is that true for anyone else? This girl works weekends, so Saturdays usually hold no promise of rest. Mondays, though! They hold the promise of GREAT music!

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and as I was putting together the playlist for this week I was overcome with the want to swoon over someone. So, here you go! Sappy Lovey Dovey Music Monday! GO!

“Thinking Bout You” by Frank Ocean. Before you freak out…that falsetto, though! Oh, I melt. I can’t. So good. The lyrics are super adorable, also.

“Pretty Things” by Tony Lucca. WHAT!? A Break up song on a Valentine’s Day list? Just listen to it. It’s bluesy and glorious. I saw Tony play before he was on The Voice. He opened for Sara Bareilles at the University of Illinois. He’s the real deal. Dreamy dreamy tunes.

“Wake Yourself” by Nonpronto. I work too much. I don’t know if that’s the case for everyone I know, but I know for sure that between all of my endeavors and my job, I’m exhausted. Even blogging exhausts me, sometimes because, I hate self-promotion with a passion. It makes me tired. This song in an encouragement in seasons like that.

“When I Get Older” by Wild Party. Just turn it on and dance. Do yourself that favor today.

“Fun” by Troye Sivan. This is Troye’s second week on my list. It’s because his music makes me really really happy.

“Nothing Better” by Dustin Hatzenbuhler. Super sappy, lost in love tunes are adorable. Check this one out.

“If I Ain’t Got You” (by Alicia Keys) cover by James Bay. I LOVE the original of this song, of course. But, when a cover is impossibly well done I can’t help but want to share it with people I love. So, check this one out! If I didn’t love James Bay before, I’m sold now.

“Perfect” by One Direction. Give me a second to explain this before you judge me, yeah? 1D’s newest album is actually really wonderful. Every song on this one is so much of a departure from the songs that they are known for that everyone should give it a spin just once. For real.

“Another Love” by Tom Odell. If you love vocalists with accents that embrace their natural sound (think anti- Keith Urban) check out Tom Odell. His lyrics and music are also just about perfect. Check him out.

“Make This Leap” by The Hunts. String driven melodies. Well written lyrics. Do that.

“Somebody Loves You” by Charlie Wilson. If you feel the need for sugary sweet pop tunes like I do, check this one out. It will make you dance a lot.

“Steps” by Handsome Ghost. This song is good for the wintery weather. It sounds like butter and hot cocoa and snuggles. Beautiful.

Check out this week’s playlist here:

Or here:

Let me know what you’re rocking out to this week, as well!

There is a change coming to Music Mondays! Featured Interviews! I’m thinking about asking the interviewees to put together playlists for that week. Let me know what you think of that idea!

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