Music Monday! with Nash Propst

Today isn’t the kind of Music Monday you have become accustomed to if you’ve been around here awhile. I’m not even sorry about it.
If you’re new today! Hello! Go grab a cup of coffee, sit down and let’s chat about some tunes!

That’s exactly what I did this afternoon with Nash Propst! He’s delightful! He was on a long drive, I was at home enjoying February sunshine. It was great.

Full disclosure, the article that you are about to read stems from two friends chatting about creative processes, meeting people, singing along with the radio and songs that hit us in the feelings. This was not as formal an interview as I would do with someone I wasn’t familiar with. So, if you’re looking for awkward, serious Laura, this is not your day!

There is something about country music that reminds me of home. I come from a town with two radio stations. Classic Rock and Country. That’s it. If you’re lucky and on the right side of town, you’ll get the college’s student run station and those moments have always been beautiful, technicolor moments for me. I am programmed to hate country music no matter how much it cures homesickness for me. I just am. Except, it seems for the music of Nashville country musician, Jordan Davis. His music has been almost all that I’ve listened to for the last three days.

I know what you’re thinking, and no, I’m not trading in my Converse for a pair of cowboy boots any time soon, but the guy’s talented, okay!? I’m so annoyed that I love his music as much as I do but, I do! So, check out my favourite song of his. It’s called “Take it From Me”!

Take it From Me:
Twitter: @JordanDavisMuse

Blah, Blah, Blah, support him! YAY!

My friend Nash just happens to be Jordan’s guitarist. Which is where the interview portion of today’s festivities begins! We talked for almost an hour about a lot of this stuff, so I’m going to give the highlights. I’m going to let you know first though that I grew to admire Nash today. I grew to appreciate him as a person and I realized that we have a lot more in common than I ever would have considered. The world is so small!

When it comes to concert-going Nash does more of it than most people I know. So, I knew from the get-go that he had a passion for the music that he chose to endorse, which he let me know by telling me that he rarely just buys singles, only albums. I found this to be one of the most encouraging things I’ve ever heard being that I work with a lot of musicians rely on the sales of albums and EP’s to get by. It is an incredible thing to take ownership of an entire piece of work that someone’s created. In a world of Netflix and YouTube the idea of physical copies and full albums has become one that we never hear of anymore!

As far as the albums that Nash loves, and the music that inspires everything from his musical style to his emotions, he mentioned everything from U2, Brand New and Bon Iver to Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber. I myself, have a healthy liking for One Direction from time to time, so the love of pop music was something that we discussed at length!

Overall, there was a message that Nash shared with me that I wanted to make sure that you all hear, take in and love. It is this. There are people with live that love silly movies and baseball. That have dogs, families and dreams behind the “rock stars” you see on stage at shows. If there’s anything I hope you walk away with today from this edition of Music Monday. It’s just that. People are people, even when their jobs allow them to entertain people and make music. So, the next time you go to a show, make a friend!

With love,
Laura. xx

Here is this week’s playlist!

And here:

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