February Favourites!

It’s the First Day of March! Whoa! Did you have an awesome Leap Day? Did you leap around? Play leap frog? Take any leaps!? I worked. I hope your day was beautiful!
So, I know I promised you all a while ago that I’d give you Non-Beauty Favourites. I never did because, I’ve been crazy busy. I’m so sorry! So, as a consolation, I’m starting a new series! Woo Hoo! Monthly Favourites! This way, I can give you both beauty and non-beauty related favourites monthly and there will be no more guilt! HURRAY!
Sorry, I’m really sick today too, so I find excitement really entertaining. Here we go! February Favourites! I’ve got this all divided for you in case you get bored and want to scroll to the part you’re interested in!
Books, Blogs, Apps, Magazines and Other Things.

1. Cherry Bombe Magazine! If you’re a lady (or a gentleman, I’m not judging) who loves food, beautiful photography and articles about women’s issues that you’ll actually read, this magazine is for you! I got my subscription pack in the mail the other day and I’m losing my mind! They’re beautiful and so good for your brain! The recipes look great and I’m actually going to try a few of them soon, I hope! Check out cherrybombe.com

2. Levo.com, This website is freaking incredible if you are a professional woman in her twenties and early thirties. They’ve got resources for resumes, interviews, lifestyle things, fashion stuff…so good. Ladies, check it.

3. Any and everything by Rainbow Rowell. I got insanely sick this month. Like, surgery, hospital stay sick. So, I had a lot of time to read. I read “Eleanor & Park” and am almost done with “Fangirl” both of which have given me lots of emotions and things. You should check out her books!

4. I’ve been using this app called “Headspace” for the last few weeks. It’s perfect. They provide guided meditation sessions. Check them out!

Stuff I’ve Watched.
1. How To Be Single. I wish every single woman I know would go see this film. Single men, too, as a matter of fact! First, it’s BEAUTIFULLY shot! Like, the cinematography is insane for a romcommy girl movie. It’s beautiful. Second, it’s empowering, funny, lovely and heartwarming. I left feeling like I needed to go on an adventure. So so so good!

2. HBO’s Vinyl. The 60’s and 70’s are part of my heart beat anyway. But, add solid rock music and an amazing cast and my heart is so happy. SO GOOD!

Beauty Bits and Bobs.
1. Loreal True Match Blush in Bare Honey. I am obsessed! If you go look at it in the store, it looks like face powder. It’s not! It’s the most beautiful “glow from the inside” shade for us really fair skinned ladies!

2. The Colourpop Ultra Satin Lipsticks in “Magic Wand” and “Echo Park”. I have worn far too much red lipstick lately, so, I am trying to wear nudes and neutrals more often. These are BRAND NEW and amazing…they’re $6 apiece. Perfect.

3. The YSL Black Opium Perfume. It’s got coffee midnotes (NEED I SAY ANYTHING ELSE!?) and it’s perfect.

Food & Drink.
1. CADBURY MINI EGGS ARE HERE! It’s Easter time! Delicious!

2. It’s Girl Scout Cookie Season, also. However. I’m poor. Walmart has Great Value brand cookies that are basically Thin Mints and they’re perfect for like $5. Go find them!

3. I’m still so addicted to Teapigs Tea in the Peppermint Licorice. It’s amazing.

I always feel like y’all learn far too much about me in these. Let me know what your favourite things from this month are! I want to know!

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