Music Monday! with Kiernan McMullan

It’s Music Monday, friends! I’m so excited to see y’all! Welcome back!

If you’re new here, Welcome! This is my cozy little corner of the internet and I hope you find life, joy and smiles here. Go grab a cup of coffee and let’s talk about some tunes!

There are a few things I’ve learned spending most of my life with musicians. There are ways that musicians show their respect for one another that don’t exist in arenas like sports or business. One of these trademarks, I’ve never seen more predominantly in my entire life than the night I first heard Kiernan McMullan play.

I was in the back of a tiny bar in St. Louis, water in hand, watching. Human interactions, performers, applauding when I was supposed to. The whole bit. Then I saw something crazy happen. The other musicians on the tour lined the walls, in silence and listened. It’s a creepy and world rocking thing that happens when people sit in silence and listen to words. I cried that night.

That night, in that bar, Kiernan and I smiled at one another but, that was it. Smiles and recognitions of humanness, the end. A few days later, I drove the same distance in the opposite direction and ended up in a sports bar in Elmhurst, water in hand, watching. Human interactions, performers, applauding when I was supposed to. The whole bit. This time, I was recognized. It’s a crazy thing for a blogger to be spotted in a city they’re not from. I was hugged and chatted up by a few faces that have become dear to my being. Awhile in, I saw something crazy happen. The other musicians on the tour lined the front of the room in silence and listened. The entire room went quiet. Hushed in amazement because, Kiernan’s music just does that.

This time, I put on my brave girl pants, stuck out my hand and introduced myself. He said “We met the other night. I’m an asshole! I should pay more attention.” No. I’m just hard to forget and impossible to remember. Plus, I don’t think he recalled us not actually speaking. But, this time we did and I think I noticed then something has been affirmed in my heart over and over again in the process of preparing for today. Kiernan and I and similar souls. I left without a goodbye that even, which is tacky and my mother would be so disappointed! But, I made a friend despite my lack of social graces. (Also, to be real, it was LATE and I had a 3 hour drive ahead of me!)

In spite of running away from him, Kiernan agreed to be interviewed for this blog this morning! So, I am so excited to introduce you to my friend Kiernan McMullan and all of his wonderful!

You have new things happening soon! If you could give your upcoming release a bumper sticker…what would it say? What are you most excited about when releasing new things?

The bumper sticker would probably say, ‘I’m an Okay Person.’ I think for the first time in my career I’m delving into real love and not the more fleeting relationships. I’m processing my past after a rollercoaster 20’s. The first single is called ‘I Stayed The Same’ and it’s coming out in April! Otherwise the new record should be out later this year.

The premise of Becoming Lauramazing is that I get to kind of fangirl over the talented folks I know and spread the happiness and joy that that gives me to other people like a cold. Do you ever “go crazy fangirl” over musicians or songs?

I can’t say I go crazy fangirl in front of anybody ha. But I would probably be lost for words around someone like Stevie Wonder or Prince or Paul Simon…or probably a ton of other Icons. Maybe I’m not hanging in the right circles ha.

What was the last concert you went to as a fan? Who’s on your bucket list to see?

Honestly, it was probably a local show in Nashville, but I couldn’t tell you which one. I seem to live in venues. If I’m not on the road I check out a couple shows a week.

You are a musician living in Nashville! That has to be so cool and scary and intimidating all at once. What are the best and worst parts of that for you?

Nashville has this bittersweet thing about it. It’s full of a lot of talent and a lot of competition…and con artists…and sociopaths. The competition is what makes me strive to be better every day, but I never really viewed music competitively. So being in the belly of the beast weighs on my enthusiasm sometimes. You see so much talent and creativity, but like a lot of industries it’s tamped down or molded in a disingenuous way. I rag on the city a lot, but I love it here. It’s refreshing to be surrounded by a lot of people that feel as strongly about music as you do.

Is there a particular song or piece of music that never fails to move you emotionally? What is it and why?

Transatlanticism by Death Cab for Cutie

I think the song speaks for itself, but it has a lot of memories for me. It’s in a playlist of songs in my brain that soundtracked a lot of the years where I felt like I was trying to figure out who I was. It also played as part of the soundtrack to me travelling across the ocean to pursue music over here.

If you could collaborate with anyone you wanted, who would it be and why?

John Butler.. because his record Sunrise Over Sea took me in a totally different direction musically when I was only 15. It was probably some of the first “good modern” music I had been exposed to. It was either old greats like Motown artists or Michael Jackson or it was mainstream Coolio and Chumbawumba. My family sent me this John Butler record 14 years ago, from Australia. And it served as a sort of catalyst to me exploring a world of acoustic guitar players and modern songwriters.

What are five of your current favourite songs?

David Ramirez “Harder to Lie”
Local Native “Wide Eyes”
Lianne La Havas “Green and Gold”
Sohn “Artifice”
Jack Garratt “Worry”

What’s the most meaningful piece of advice you’ve ever gotten?

always be mindful of gratitude.

We’d be nowhere without it. This career is a long play and honestly I’m just grateful to have been able to do it this long. You have to be grateful of the people who put you up on the road, or for the people who support and drive hours to see you play; or the people who feed and shelter you.

Do you have any guilty pleasure jams? What are they?

Ha. I actually like grown up Hanson… and Halsey? Is that guilty. Actually come to think of it, I love a lot of pop music. Not sure what guilty pleasures are. I’m sure by someones standards I like a lot of crap music, but I also like A LOT of music from every corner of the sonic world. Pop is a guilty pleasure to a metal head. Metal is a guilty pleasure to a Pop producer.

When you meet people, play shows, do interviews, whatever what is the one thing you hope people walk away knowing about you?

That I’m not a finished book. I’m still learning and figuring out where my place is in this world. The story isn’t over.

Indeed, his story isn’t over. Check Kiernan out in his corners of the internet:
Facebook :
Stalk him on Twitter (I do, it’s fun.) @kiernanmcmullan

Check him out on to support him and his fantastic art. He’s a world changer. World changers need to buy groceries and pay bills, too. So, should you feel led, support him!

You can find this week’s Music Monday playlist here!:

I’ll see y’all on Thursday! xx. Laura.

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