Music Monday! with Spencer Grimes of Whosah

It’s Music Monday! Ya’ll, I’m going to be real with you. I had a pretty busy weekend. I went to a show, I hung out with some new and old faces, I danced in boots to country music. (I hadn’t been to a country show since I was about six. So, that should show you how amazingly talented that lot of my friends are!) It was an out of my comfort zone kind of couple days, so, I’ve got my coffee and I’m ready for today’s chit chat with you!

If you are new to my cozy little corner of the internet, WELCOME! Pardon the mess, grab some coffee or tea or whatever delights your soul this morning and let’s talk about some tunes!

I’ve spent a good most of my life working for, with and around musicians. Even so, l have a really difficult time walking the line between Fangirl and Friend without falling severely into one category or the other. With Whosah, this particular trait of mine is no different. The delightful, charming, fun human beings that they are make it even more difficult for me not to totally lose my mind over their music. It’s really an unfair game. Well played, gentlemen.

When Spencer said that he would be game for an interview with me, I suddenly had bazillions of questions! I wanted to know everything from what his writing process looks like to what he jams to in the car. I felt like I had some sort of duty to the world to at least attempt figuring out what made this brilliant songwriter tick, but, more so, I was excited to get to know a friend a little better. So, hurray!

Upon speaking to Spencer, and having conversations with him I’ve almost been taken aback a few times by the wisdom that he exudes so beautifully. Old souls tend to be people that I admire a lot and he is definitely that. On so many levels, there is wisdom, magic and power inside the world that only Spencer will able to unlock, and that I’m sure of. By the end of our conversation, I actually asked him if he was sure he wasn’t eighty-six. He assured me that he wasn’t, and that in fact he was eighty-seven. So, I know I’ve been taken a fool for lesser things.

Whosah’s newest release, “Work”, came out on Friday and I have bumped it as loud as I could in my car all weekend long as I’ve been travelling. It’s triumphant to say the least. If you are a creative with a day job (like me, like Whosah, like lots and lots of other people I know) “Work” will speak to your heart in moments of frustration and ordinary. Even if you’re not a musician or a creative, the emotions and thoughts brought to the surface of a catchy pop song will propel you through the moments that feel average. When asked what kind of bumper sticker he would give this new EP, Spencer said something that’s really resonated in my soul since I read it.

“”Work is like Broccoli –it doesn’t taste good, but it’s good for you, and if it was all you had, you wouldn’t feel well.”

See what I mean!? Smart. The reason this particular EP’s message hits such an important chord is that it’s about striving for beautiful in the right now. It’s about contentment and growing where you’re planted without giving up on what your passions are. It’s about focusing on what makes your soul smile while you’re doing what you’re set to do right now. It’s magnificent.

In the truest of Laura fashion, I asked about guilty pleasure jams and songs that make you happy. Having no shame in a good rock out, Spencer mentioned everything from Relient K, to John Mark McMillan and Geto Boys. I suppose it’s all about balance, yeah?

My biggest take away from my interactions with Spencer on a social level as well as in writing this blog is how entirely well he appreciates people. A lot of musicians put on their rock star face an let that be all that you see, but, Spencer doesn’t do that (although all of the members of Whosah have this same heart from what I’ve gathered.) There is a sincerity to the way that he performs, interacts with people at their shows and just lives his life that screams acceptance and grace and love that I’ve very rarely seen. So, you want to support that.
Be a part of supporting Whosah by checking the links below!

Harass them on Twitter, Dave’s a good sport about it @WhosahOfficial

This week’s playlist is up here:

I’ll see y’all on Thursday!
xx. Laura

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