Music Monday! with Erik Bear

It’s Music Monday! Hurray! How are you, friends? Are you happy? Are you well? Are you fully encouraged and getting the proper amount of hugs? I hope so! I am hopeful and confident that today will leave you encouraged if you’re not already.

I worked all weekend (so goes life when you have as many jobs and obligations as I do). I’m training some new employees and as much as I love that, and I do, having my desk, time and workflow taken over by someone else always makes me feel really weird. Lazy and stressed all at one time. This is an introvert’s problem and that I understand, but I hope if you identify with that you know that music can be a safe space for you. I’m sorry this is going up so late! I’ve had the weirdest, worst day. It’s no matter!

That’s why Music Monday exists and why Becoming Lauramazing is a thing I do twice a week, to create safe, joyful space for people to just be and be loved on by Jesus, the person that He has made me to be and the insanely great people He has allowed me to know!
If you are new to my comfy little spot online, HELLO! Go ahead and make yourself at home. I am a believer in Sweatpants and Coffee, in snuggling while you read and taking time to take a beat, so, if you want to do that here, feel free!

Speaking of taking beats [insert rimshot here], my sweet friend Erik Bear sat down with me this week and because of that, I get to talk to you about Worship, Biblical Languages, Pop Music and joyful fun things today! I’m so excited to y’all to meet him. He’s incredible. Not in the cliché way, either. I promise!

I should probably tell you that upon calling me, Erik said something that made me laugh quite a lot. “Laura, I have to be honest with you. I know who you are but, I don’t remember meeting you. At all.” I know one thing for sure, he remembers me now. As usual, I am hard to forget and impossible to remember!

Erik is involved in full time vocational ministry in terms of music, but, he is also heavily involved in the secular side of things, as well. The guy’s an insane drummer! (I’ve worked for a lot of bands, I’ve seen a lot of shows. I have seen very few drummers do what he can. I do know a lot of drummers that wish they could, though. That’s real life.)
From the beginning of our chit chat time together, there was only one word I could think of to describe him to y’all and it’s this. Erik Bear is a cozy. He is warm, genuine and life giving. He’s like a sweater if sweaters could be people. He’s that. I sincerely enjoy him a ton. I’m thankful for the way that he spoke into my life this week, for sure.
Erik is impressive. He studied at Bethel. (Yep, THAT Bethel.) He’s played for Jesus Culture UK, he’s toured, he’s done all sorts of things that make my gypsy heart with a day job feel unworthy. But, he believes wholeheartedly that God is doing great things and wants to be a part of them. I’m grateful for him this week.

(Sincerely Mr. Bear, thank you for the encouragement and love and the tunes. You’re miraculous!)

There is a part of my soul that loves Biblical Languages. I wouldn’t have taken the years of Greek and Hebrew that I do if it weren’t for this really nerdy fact. I love the context that Greek especially creates in terms of things like Grace, Love and Compassion. Erik and I got stuck in this part of me, this part of my brain and my heart as we talked about worship being a lifestyle rather than just music. As we discussed the idea of service to the Kingdom and what it means to be present for other people. It’s amazing to me that a stranger could light up about the same linguistic moments that I do. That we could be candles in that conversation together, that we could take apart meanings and learn from them.

Zoe is where we got stuck. Zoe is where we stayed. Zoe refers to a person’s individual life on Earth. But, in light of the New Testament Zoe is the life that we live in Jesus. It’s the “ever after”. That’s Erik’s favourite part, he says. Not the story of the where you came from or where you are now but the ever after.

In our hour, I was encouraged, delighted and my heart was rested for the first time in a long while. Make sure you check out the corners of the world where Erik loves, serves and encourages at the links below!

Instagram: TheErikBear
Twitter: @TheErikBear

He’s pretty rad. If you’re in the Minneapolis area go be encouraged by the sunshine in the soles of his shoes.

This week’s playlist is here:

I’ll see your beautiful faces on Thursday!
xx. Laura

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