The Hot And Heavy Girl’s Guide to Surviving Diet Culture

“I’m on a diet.” I said as smiley perfect looking blonde, straight teethed new friend offered me a brownie.
(She’s so sweet. She’s brilliant. She’s freaking perfect, I shouldn’t even stand next to her. But, she’s one of three people I know in this room right now so, I’ll just…stay here.)

“Well, good for you!” she cooed, sending me hugs with her eyeballs.
(because, calories always count and she can probably see the calculator behind my eyes counting my stepped and dance moved calorie campfire to see if I could even look at the plate in her hand without ripping my jeans. I cannot! Avert your eyes, sinner! These are brand new pants!)

This interaction is practically sponsored by the Dietpocalypse! Seriously, if I see one more friend has signed up to sell Plexus or those fat sucking Saran wraps, I’m moving to the moon. I’m done. I’m totally over being told what to do with my body and how to feel about its current state. So, I made Four Body Image rules for myself! I thought I’d share them with you!

Wear What You Want. If they didn’t want fat girls to wear it, it wouldn’t be stretchy! Seriously. Put it on. “Flattering” is not a real thing. If you feel pretty, then you can leave the house. It’s that simple. Dolly Parton was once told that her hair was too big. You know what her response was? “You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life!” and you don’t, so work what makes you smile.

Kick Your Scale in the Face. Your weight is not equal to the amount you are worth. It measures your gravitational force. So, girl, stay grounded.

Eat What You Want. For me, stressful times call for two things, spicy chicken wings and some sort of iced coffee drink with whipped cream. Not simultaneously. It’s an either/or situation or a now/later deal. I promise you that I don’t do that every day and no one should, but it’s okay if I’ve had a long week, alright? Cool.

Date Who You Want. A man hit on me not too long ago and when I told him I was not interested, he responded “It’s okay, Laura! I like fat girls.” That was not my concern. It is not a fetish to find me attractive. I am beautiful. I am awesome! It is not wrong to attracted to anyone of any shape, size or ability and it certainly shouldn’t be qualified!

Now, I’m not saying that unhealthy life choices are the best thing for you. I’m not saying that plus sized girls have it better.

What I’m saying is that when magazines like Elle publish articles about a woman’s diet that consists of four things, it’s shameful. It’s shameful that it’s now a rule on award show red carpets that you can’t ask women what their wearing because being excited about how you look may discount their intelligence and talent. Diet Culture and the way that we as a humanity view beauty is ridiculous!

Love the body and self that you live in. Make your own rules.

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