March Favourites!

Happy April Sweet Friends! It’s so good for my heart to see you today! How are you!?
Another month, another favourites! I hope you’re excited! I am!!!! So, everyone’s got their coffee at the ready, right!? Good. If you’re new here, WELCOME! Stick around, snuggle up and let’s chat about what I’ve been loving this month!
I hope you don’t mind that there are not a ton of makeup and beauty stuff in today’s post. There ARE lots of books and music! So, for my nerd people, this is the best day ever!
It’s been a crazy busy month. I’ve been so crazy busy and stuff, so lots of BB Cream, tinted lip balm days. Nothing super special, but, I will let you know what I’ve been using! Hurray! I will also let you know what’s been occupying my quiet moments in the car, at home, all of that stuff. So, let’s get cracking! (I’m sorry y’all. I’m a little loopy today. So much tired is happening right now!)
1. Call Your Girlfriend. This podcast makes my heart so incredibly happy! I’m not super sure any of y’all know this but, my best friend lives in Weymouth Dorset, England, and I have girlfriends in New England, Missouri, Arizona, Texas, Minnesota, Tennessee, all over the place so long distance besties are something that I am familiar with and our “catch up on life calls” always tend to go like this. How are you? How’s your life? Politics. Current Events. Random Girl Stuff. THIS podcast is that for the intelligent, hard-working woman. I have laughed out loud by myself, gotten kind of emotional…you know what? Just, check it out. Even if you’re a male human being. (You’d be amazed how many dudes read this blog! It makes me happy!) It’s amazing.

2. “Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls” by Jes Baker. Okay, full disclosure, I’m not done with this book yet. It’s been my Audible adventure as I’ve been travelling a lot this month. But, I freaking love Jes Baker. She’s amazing. If you’re interested in what beauty looks like for “fat girls” or if you’re at all interested in the Body Positivity movement. Check this book out. You can listen to it on Audible, too! She reads it and it’s brilliant.

3. March Music Loves: February brought the creation of my Music Monday series, because, I was home recovering from a surgery and was super sick and bored. March brought the birth of the LAURAMAZING MUSIC MONDAY FEATURE! Which has been so much fun to write and be a part of. It’s insane to me that God lets me have so many talented people in my life that say “yes” to things just because I ask. So, thanks y’all! The Music Monday feature has brought me a few favourites, so I’ll share them with you.

– “Work” by Whosah. Now, Spencer’s feature on the blog this month almost broke it. Ya’ll went straight cray over Spencer Grimes and it’s because he’s just an incredibly wonderful human being. I thank God every day that hearts like his decide to befriend me. Whosah’s new EP “Work” is amazing, as are absolutely every single one of them! “Perhaps We Were” is my favourite song on this release, I think. It’s wonderful. Check the moving picture for it here!:
Also, their tour starts tonight, so go hang out with them!

– “Take it From Me” by Jordan Davis. I do not do country music. Like…ever. At all. No. But, my sweet friend Nash Propst (who was a feature on Music Monday earlier this month!) plays guitar and tour manages for Jordan Davis and I decided because, that’s what friends do, that I would go to a show and support people I love and care for. Jordan puts on a KILLER show and he’s so dang nice! To be honest with you, I haven’t really been able to stop dancing to this song. It’s called “Take It From Me”. It’s so good! Check it out here:

– “Interstates” by The Millenium. Okay, so this song was released yesterday. But, you don’t make the rules on this blog, I do! The first time I saw The Millenium play, it was in this sketchy bar in St. Louis that smelled like a Hot Topic store. I was amazed. I think I fell in like with their stage presence that evening. I have this social situational problem where people recognize me, or my name before they’ve ever met me. Matt and I had a really awkward introduction and conversation. Thanks for dealing with all of my weird, Matt! This song is so good. They’re also supremely kind humans, check “Interstates” here:

– “Once In Awhile” by Timeflies. This song just makes me dance like an idiot. I love it a lot. Check it out:

Beauty Favourites.
Since there are very few of these this month, I’ll just list them here for you.
– Maybelline “Oh Sugar” balm in Candy. There’s a about an 85% chance that this has been on my face if you’ve seen me this month because, I’ve been lazy and busy and still needing to feel pretty. This one’s perfect.
– Mario Badescu facial spray. This stuff has kept my stressed skin from being a jerk. I like it.

I’m so sorry that there aren’t more beauty things this month, but I’ve been so busy and life’s overwhelming me a tad. So, dance to some tunes and rest. Love ya’ll! I’ll see you on Monday!

xx, Laura.

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