Music Monday! with Kyle Featherstone of The Millenium

It’s MUSIC MONDAY! I wish I could show y’all the happy dance that just happened. (I promise not to!) I LOVE spending Monday mornings with you! How was your weekend? Are you feeling well rested and loved? I hope so!
This girl has a major case of the Mondays because, I worked all weekend, but, I do delight in my time with y’all! Thank you so much for spending parts of your Mondays and Thursdays in my cozy little messy corner of the internet! It’s insane to me that you continue to! So, thank you so very much from the tips of my toes! If you are new today, WELCOME! I’m so glad to meet you and spend some time with you. It’s going to be a party!

I’m rockin’ the strong coffee this morning, so if you need a cup, go grab some! If you’re a tea drinker, that’s fine, too! But, get ready to cuddle up and chat with me this morning in any way that delights your souls, friends!
Contrary to popular belief, I can actually walk into rooms and go undetected by most people, sometimes. Small town living has made this something that is a novelty for me, but, it’s a thing! (My first grade teacher, the chatty little church ladies, my sister’s bestie’s mom and my ex-boyfriend’s sister can’t be everywhere, y’know!)

In fact, Kyle Featherstone and I have actually been in the same room on two separate occasions, in two different cities, in two completely different states and we hadn’t met one another until this week! I know, right!? Shock! Awe! (and for the record, I had very little to do with it!) But, I sure am glad I know him! Kyle is in charge of keys, guitar and vocals of The Millenium out of Eau Claire, WI, and that today, is where our adventure begins!

Y’all, I have to say something really serious to you right now. Ready? I have never in my entire life laughed through an interview. Not ever! (I am a professional. I can keep myself together.) But, yesterday, as I sat outside with my coffee and my note pad talking to Kyle about life and stuff, I did. In our brief friendship I have noticed something really cool. Kyle spreads happiness and like germs and it’s the best thing ever.

There’s passion in the way he loves people, lives life and makes music that is contagious and necessary. Kyle is one of the people I would label as maybe a Catalyst for Community? Yes. That. He’s that, because his intention is to make sure people are seen, heard and appreciated. It’s impressive.

The music that makes a musician want to do what they do is always my favourite part of these conversations with friends of mine that I get to tell you about. (Because, let’s be real, this entire series has just been an excuse for me to call my friends up and have life chats!)

Kyle and I talked about musicals! Now, before you freak out, I’ve spent more than half of my life in the theater, and my passion for performing actually helped me pay for college, so of course we chatted about the necessity of live performance to the lives of people and who made us want to do that.

When performers make friends, things get weird. But, I can tell you that there something particularly special about who Kyle Featherstone is as a musician, who he is as a performer, and as a person. I cannot wait to see what happens with him and The Millenium, because, they’re tremendous. They’re touring and such currently, so go check them out!

Their new single “Interstates” came on Thursday! It’s SO GOOD! I cannot stop listening to it, and you shouldn’t either. Check it out here:
Harass them on Twitter, because that’s always really fun @TheMilleniumWI
Go find them on social media and make best friends.

The playlist for this week is here! Enjoy it! :

I will see your sexy faces on Thursday

xx. Laura

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