April Favourites!

Today is May! Hip Hip Hurray! I’ll stop rhyming for the rest of this blog…okay? How was your April? Was it lovely!? Was it busy!? We you loved on well!? I hope so!
But yeah, y’all it’s springtime and I’m so excited! I have so many April Favourites to share with you! SO many. Most of it consists of books and music, as per usual, but, I’ve divided this up for you in case you only want to read parts of it. So, coffee in hand, let’s do this thang!

Books & Blogs.
NaturallyElla.com: My sweet friend Erin is the developer of this blog and let me just tell you, it’s tremendous. I’ve known her most of my life, and she’s so positive and warm that makes want to cook with her. If you’re into delicious food without pretention go hang out with Erin. She’s amazing and as a fellow Galesburg native doin’ the blog thang I’m forever grateful to be on her team. Go support her and her adorable, delicious corner of the internet. She’s so great!
TheMilitantBaker.com: Have we fully discussed my girlcrush on Jes Baker, yet? No? Okay, then! As a fellow body positive blogger and an amazing writer, I gush over the impact on the world that Jes has. I am in the middle of her book right now, and it you don’t have time for the book or her blog, go look up her Ted Talk. She’s impossibly brilliant and I really want to be best friends with her. If you don’t understand the Body Positive Movement, she’s definitely someone you want to read in your research. (Also, you can call me up any time! I’d be happy to chat with you about it!)
The Harry Potter Series: Okay, so I know I’m at least ten years late to this party, okay? But, I’m midway through the third book and I’m HOOKED. I absolutely love it. As first reads go, I’m almost glad I read this after all of my friends did, because it’s so fun to talk to people about it that have the back knowledge my “WAIT! WHAT!? EMOTIONS!” reactions need.

“Interstates” by The Millenium: I know these guys were on last month’s favourites, but, this song is SO great. They are so great. You’re going to love them. Go check them out. They are talented and genuine. You should go look them up!
“Does Ya Momma Know? (Dance Like That)” by 99 Percent: This song is absolutely ridiculous lyrically but, it makes me SO happy! Check it out.
“Business As Usual” by John Chuck & The Class: I love this song so much!!!! I saw these guys play in April, in Chicago and they were great and they are warm and cozy and kind. Hang out with them.

Beauty Stuff & Things.
Redken Protein Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Mask: I don’t know if y’all know this but, I recently bleached out my hair for spring and summer, and I’ve started using this hair care to keep it really healthy and keep the color gorgeous. It’s awesome! My hair’s all vavoom-y and luscious.
Revlon HD Matte Lipcolor: I have been OBSESSED with these this month. They aren’t your normal matte lipcolor that dries out your lips. They feel like gloss and they’re so comfy! Check them out!

Tokyomilk #13 “Song In D Minor” perfume: I have worn this EVERY day that I’ve had it and it’s amazing. It’s warm and floral without smelling too sweet or too much like your grandma’s perfume. It’s perfect. Tokyomilk is a fragrance library so they have something for everyone. Check out Tokyomilk.com

Welp, that’s all I’ve got. Let’s me know what you’ve been loving this month! I hope you have the best day and best month. You are so loved.

Go change the world!
xx. Laura.

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