Music Monday! with Parker Simonaitis of Ember Oceans

Good morning, sweet friends! How are you on this cloudy, Illinois morning? Are you feeling well loved and appreciated!? I sure hope so. The fact that y’all choose to spend every Monday and Thursday with me is insane. So, thank you so much. I wish there were a way I could repay you for that kind of investment. In true Midwestern art kid from the country fashion, all I’ve got is music to give you. Is that okay? Great!

If you are new to this silly place I call mine, welcome! I’m excited that you’re here! Go grab some coffee or tea or whatever makes you happy and let’s cuddle up and chat about some tunes, okay!?

A few weeks ago, I made the trek from Central Illinois to Chicagoland to see a few sweet friends play a show. I had accidentally gotten there early enough to sit through sound checks and things. (Oops, my bad. I’ve done tackier things. No one seemed to mind. They got their hugs and then I sat in the corner, bobbed my head to beats and things and had lifechats.)

On this particular evening, a bunch of Chicago natives made my heart and my feet pretty happy! I’m not a big dancer, but, man alive! They were so fun! This particular synth and summer vibe driven tribe of men was Ember Oceans. This week, I got to chat with their drummer, Parker Simonaitis and talked about life, music, school and things! He’s tremendously wise, well-spoken and kind for as young as he is. Or for as human as he is…I’m not sure which. I’m excited for y’all to meet him!

There is much to be said for the investment someone makes in a love that you have. It can change an entire life in big, crazy, beautiful ways. For Parker, the moment came when his father bought him a drum set from a garage sale. “It was the worst drum set I’ve ever seen!” he told me, but nevertheless his passion for music blossomed as he learned to play it. As he practiced, loved and grew into his craft, his friendships started to grow around this common love. A love of making and appreciating music grew into what is now Ember Oceans.

As young as these men are, they’ve been together and playing for a long time. They’ve played venues as huge, and well known as The Metro and Chicago’s House of Blues. That professionalism shows in their performance and demeanor but, the best thing about what they do for their audience is provide a fun, safe space to be. Sometimes, it takes taking things seriously to create atmospheres in which you don’t have to.

As we chatted about the music he loved, Parker told me about his love for the band Colony House, and how these musicians have sparked a fire in him to pursue his passions. That’s what great music does well, isn’t it? Inspires people to do things or feel things that allow them to be great? Ember Oceans’ music does that. It is light and fun, but, executed beautifully.


You want to support that!

Check them out at the links below!

Instagram @EmberOceans

Twitter @EmberOceans

This week’s playlist is here!


Have a beautiful day! You are so loved.


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