Music Monday with Stonefeather!

Happy Snowy Monday, Loves! I have missed you, (I’m sorry, yo girl’s got stuff!)


Let’s be real, friends of mine, it’s been a weird season for me. Winter has wiped all color from the Midwest, I run on more coffee than sleep and I’m lucky it’s boots weather, because, sock matching is not a thing with a schedule like this one, sister! So, how about a little California Sunshine? Yes, please!

As you all have figured, I’m sure, I’m a lot more sugary indie pop and a melody than I have have been metal, swear words and pure rock n’ roll. That being said, I own a leather jacket now, I can almost pass, if I stopped smiling at strangers!


I am a sucker for good touristy mug and I’ve got one full of homemade London Fog and lots to chat with you about! Ready!? Cool. If you are new to my cozy little corner of the internet, Welcome! I apologize for the clutter.  But, kick your shoes off, fill your mugs up and let’s chit chat!

In the building and maintaining of the blog, lots and lots of musicians have slipped into my life to turn up the jams and pretty it up. That is how I met the delightful men of Los Angeles based rock n’ roll experience, Stonefeather!

Now, pardon my cardigans and general leaning toward socially awkward but, I do not fit in at a rock show very often. I become the girl in the back of the room people watching. I’m almost positive that I would no longer at all ever be allowed to do that around this lot! I’d be in trouble! Dave and Ian kept me up way past my much needed, old lady, different time zone style bedtime to laugh and chat about life, creating, performing and other such things. I learned lots from them. It was like a late night study session for me but, so much more fun!

Usually, when you hear that the man is in a band, ladies do you think Berklee College of Music trained musician in awesome band? No? Me neither, but, Y’ALL! These guys are so fun They are incredibly well trained, well mannered and totally worth a Google.  They pull from so many influences that originally I felt a little like a heartbroken girl at a Ben and Jerry’s. What does my heart need!? All of it! I will love all of it and enjoy every moment! These guys are so incredible well trained, beautifully skilled and lovely.


On top of being incredibly well influenced by everything from jazz to classical to the Chilli Peppers, these guys are supremely kind. You know how I feel about kind musicians don’t you? I force them into best friendship and make them adore me. At least, that’s my plan for this lot.  They are delightful!


We chatted a ton about the life of a creative and I wanted to chat with y’all about that a little bit. Every musician that is associated with this blog has a day job, a few of them wives, some of them even families. It is so impossibly important to support lives that that create love, joy, light and community. Stand behind bands you want to stand in front of. Go to shows. Buy things, share things, watch videos, etc.


Support Stonefeather! Do it! They released a new video that totally doesn’t suck! Watch “Ride On” here:


Harass them on social media, because, that’s how they ended up here! A little Instagram stalking never hurt anyone.


Instagram: @StonefeatherBand


Twitter: @Stonefeather




Harass them. Tell them how much they don’t suck and how much you love me, if you want!


This week’s playlist will be an adventure for you with all of my indie pop leanings and the full on metal and rock love these guys shared with me (and that Stravinsky will make you think you’re a rockstar. I promise!) Check out here:


I’ll see your sexy faces on Thursday!

xx. Laura

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