Music Monday! with Carolina Wray

Happy Monday, sweet friends! How are you on this rainy Illinois winter morning? Are you feeling well loved and appreciated? I sure hope so because, I appreciate you so much! If you are new to my cozy little corner of the internet, Welcome! I have tea, coffee, mugs and maybe breakfast if you can talk me into using some of my domestic skills.

It is my day off office job wise, so, I’m cuddled up with my coffee, doing laundry and still shamelessly in my pajamas because, this girl works insanely hard and cannot be on point levels of hot all of the time, right? Anyway, I have some great new friends to introduce you to! I promise you will love them because, I instantaneously wanted to be best friend friends with them and y’all know I’m picky!

So, let me introduce you to North Carolina based souls, Carolina Wray! Brothers Dillon and Rev Wray make music that pulls from influences like Tom Petty, Jack White and even The Decedents! The tunes they make pay tribute to all of the music they love by making music that is warm, textured and completely rock n’ roll!

There’s no solace quite like finding fellow small town souls that understand the creative struggle. Nothing.  Let me just tell you that these men work insanely hard to do what they do. They create music that matters, communicate with those that support it with love and respect and spend countless hours and days travelling, recording, playing and building lives they love.

As per usual with these chats, I asked about guilty pleasure jams and the music that you keep close to yourself. Without missing a beat, Dillon jumped in to completely change my perspective. I don’t think he will ever understand the kind of impact that his thoughts had on my understanding of introducing people to music. He said that he found no shame in loving the music that he loves because, all of it is made from places that need celebrated or healed. All of it is made for souls that need to hear it. All of it is worth the time that was made to make it.

Sometimes I think finding music has become less of an adventure than it used to be. There’s no digging through bins or dodging pick up lines thrown by stoner sales boys in t-shirts covered in logos of metal bands I’m not brave enough to see live. It’s both easier and more painful to type even a lyric into a search engine and get the results that you want. That is not how I found Carolina Wray. It was instead reminiscent of a hunt for me. Friends of friends, “Laura check this out. You’d love these guys.” A few Google searches and some impressive social media stalking lead me to finding music and people I would be a fool not introduce you to!You want to support these passionate friends of mine, I promise.


Check them out:

Twitter: @CarolinaWray

Instagram: @CarolinaWray



You can tell them I sent you, if you want. They think I’m okay, I hope.


This week’s playlist is here:



I will see your sexy faces on Thursday.

xx Laura


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